Brighton have a potential £103m transfer market after financial losses in 2020/21


Call it a turning point, a silver lining or drawing a line in the sand, but the picture is not bleak at Brighton despite the club announcing losses of £53.4m for the 2020/21 season .

Indeed, when Albion filed its annual accounts earlier this week, the figures did not include the £63million sales of Ben White to Arsenal last summer and Dan Burn to Newcastle United in January. Moreover, the figures for the last quarter were a reduction of £13.8m from the £67.2m lost in the 2019/20 campaign, and the club’s turnover increased by 13 .4% to £151.6m.

And according to Kieran Maguire, professor of football finance at the University of Liverpool, known on Twitter as “The Price of Football”, the future looks a little brighter on the Sussex side, especially as the threat of Covid seems to be easing. He added that in the coming transfer windows Brighton will be able to recoup significant fees for their valuable assets, but there is not really a need to sell their best players.

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“I think things will be much better next year with the sales of Dan Burn and Ben White and that will certainly erase those losses. I think Brighton are seen as a development club. The investment in the academy and in Lancing will start to pay off. I think in the future Albion will be a club that makes one big sale a year,” he said. sussex live.

“I don’t think it will be a huge surprise if Yves Bissouma leaves this year. His contract expires in just over a year, on that day he is a fantastic player but there is no indication that he will sign a new contract. Brighton can certainly make a lot of money there.

“Last season the club made a profit of £6.5m on player sales, mainly thanks to the transfer of Anthony Knockaert. Going forward, Dan Burn and Ben White will make a profit of £60 million pounds This can be used to cover the club’s operating losses.

“In reality, if Albion is seen by young players as a place you can come to, you will have a great football culture and style of play – which will make you look good – which will make Brighton attractive to potential players. Players will also know, and Tony Bloom has always said it, the Albion will never get in the way of anyone.

“They recognize where they are in the pecking order of football and that looks positive. Brighton will start to see more player sales and that will help make the club more sustainable to cover day-to-day losses.”

Previously, Maguire said sussex live that Brighton could potentially get up to £40m if Bissouma leaves the club, even if his contract expires in the summer of 2023. And his eventual sale will help keep the Seagulls on a sound financial footing.

If you add up White and Burn’s sales, plus Bissouma’s possible £40m fee, it’s a £103m silver lining of it all. So what will Albion’s summer transfer window look like? While it’s impossible to predict what will happen next, Maguire thinks there’s reason for optimism.

“Selling Ben White and Dan Burn means there is no need to sell, so it will be a choice for Brighton. As long as they stay in the Premier League, and that is not guaranteed, the club will not There will be no need to sell individuals at knockdown prices,” he added.

“It also means Brighton can go into the buy market with a healthy dose of confidence.”

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