David Morgan: Silver price in 2022, stock market reality check


David Morgan: Silver price in 2022, stock market reality checkYoutube

After the positivity seen in 2020, silver has taken a breather in 2021. What does the metal have in store this year?

Speaking to Investing News Network, Morgan Report’s David Morgan said he expects silver to perform better in 2022, breaking through the US$30 per ounce mark to trade in the range of US$33.

Although this is a fairly low-key forecast, he pointed out that higher levels are certainly possible – for example, if there is a black swan event. In fact, he noted that David H. Smith of the Morgan Report is claiming US$50 in cash this year.

“Once the silver gets above US$33 and stays there for three or four days – or even better, even two or three weeks – there’s not much stopping it from reaching US$50 again,” he explained.

Morgan also spoke about supply and demand for silver, noting that while supply hasn’t moved much in the past five years or so, investors should keep an eye on demand, particularly on the side. industrial.

As for the broader market, Morgan said he expects volatility. “There are going to be huge distortions in all markets – that is, the bond market, the stock market, the metals market, the crypto market,” he said, adding that he had been saying for a long time that the stock market was overvalued.

“I don’t see a robust economy. I really don’t see it. I see the stock market really catching up with reality, and the reality is that we’ve been deteriorating globally for some time, and I think the stock market is going to reflect that,” he said, noting that it’s not necessarily as negative as it sounds. “(Is it) the end of the world? No. Is it dark and catastrophic? You can call it that – I call it reality. All things go up and down.”

Watch the interview above to learn more about Morgan on silver in 2022.

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