Gold and Silver Price Relief, Know Today’s Price


Gold and silver prices were released on the Indian gold market on Tuesday. Gold and silver became cheaper today compared to the day before. 999 purity gold is sold for Rs 50850, while one kg of 999 purity silver is available for Rs 61668.

Note that gold and silver prices are published twice a day. Once in the morning and the other time in the evening. 995 purity gold is selling at Rs 50,646. 916 purity gold is selling for Rs 46579. 750 purity gold is selling for Rs 38138. 585 purity gold is selling for Rs 29747. Moreover, prices for one kg of 999 purity silver have come down to Rs 616.68. Gold and silver prices change daily. Gold with 999 purity becomes cheaper by Rs 262 today, while gold with 995 purity is available at Rs 261 less. The price of 916 purity gold has been reduced by Rs 240 today. 750 purity gold has become cheaper by Rs 196 and 585 purity gold by Rs 154. In addition, one kg of 999 purity silver has become cheaper by Rs 924 today.

Sit at home and check it like this:-
You can easily find these prices sitting at home. For this you just have to give a missed call to this number 8955664433 and a message will come to your phone, in which you can check the latest price. If you want to check the purity of gold now, an app has been introduced by the government for this purpose. With the “BIS Care App”, customers can check the purity of gold.

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