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KOCHI: Promised more than a decade ago, the bridge connecting the islets of Kadamakkudy to the mainland – intended to provide better connectivity for residents of the panchayat – remains unfinished. In a recent development, VA Benjamin, advisor to Valiya Kadamakkudy, said GIDA officials were busy with the completion of the bridge. “Officials have now accelerated the land acquisition process and asked residents to submit documents for new procedures related to the package by March 19,” he said.

Residents of the island depend on the mainland for all their basic needs, from hospital emergencies to education. “This bridge is our dream. If this becomes a reality, residents of Valiya Kadamakkudy and Chathanad in Ezhikkara village may stop depending on the ferry service,” said Sabu John, a resident.

The Valiya Kadamakkudy-Chathanad Bridge and its access roads are part of a group of three bridges built to connect Chathanad, part of Ezhikkara to North Paravoor, and Container Road. The construction of the Valiya Kadamakkudy-Ezhikkara bridge is almost complete, except for the landing in Chathanad. Currently, to reach the city, people take the Varapuzha-Container road.

“Completing the bridge will reduce the time it takes for islanders to reach the city. Now the trip via Container Road takes upwards of 45 minutes or more. With the bridge it will come down to 20 minutes,” Melson said. Manuel, a resident of Kadamakkudy.

Although the Pizhala-Moolampilly bridge constructed by the Goshree Islands Development Authority (GIDA) was constructed last year, the construction of the bridges from Kothad to Chennur, Chariyamthuruthu Ward to Chennur and Chennur Ward to Pizhala did not hasn’t started yet.

The initial construction cost of the bridge was Rs 19 crores. It needs about Rs 25 crore more for completion. “The rods at the end have rusted now. We need to check if the rust has spread inside. If so, we will seek expert advice on how to rectify it,” said a GIDA official, adding that the works had been halted due to land acquisition issues for the access roads, “Since land acquisition in Chathanad is ongoing, construction will start soon,” he said. he added.

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