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In case you haven’t been watching the news this weekend because it just scares you and makes you angry about things that don’t affect your life, it’s worth noting that the Australian government has changed of hands.

Shortly before 11pm last night, Mr Morrison appeared before his supporters to confirm he had called Labor leader Anthony Albanese to concede defeat in the 2022 federal election.

“Tonight I spoke to the Leader of the Opposition and the new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, and congratulated him on his victory tonight,” he said.

“As a result, I will hand over leadership at the next village hall meeting to ensure the party can move forward under new leadership, which is the appropriate thing to do,” he said.

As someone the entire Australian media landscape had tipped to lead Australia as Prime Minister for the next 40 years, this news rocked both Scott Morrison and all of his major network cheerleaders. ‘information.

The surprisingly large swing to Labor in Western Australia shattered any chance Scotty From Marketing had of forming government almost immediately after their polls closed.

However, he was losing more than 5 Liberal core seats to progressive independents, bringing fear of God back into the Liberal Party as it becomes clear to them that the bullying of gay children and exaggerated texting on asylum seeker boats is not the best solution. strategy to adopt in a re-election campaign.

While Morrison’s vote has remained strong in the ambitious suburbs in which he has spent his career marketing himself, it is affluent coastal seats like the electorate in his hometown of Wentworth that pose a problem for the future of the LNP. .

It seems that while Morrison was busy appealing to silent Aussies with his daggy suburban dad cosplay, the party may have lost support from the rounded-vowel elites in the parts of Sydney he frequented before moving to Cronulla and sought pre-selection in 2007.

It’s an unfortunate outcome both for the party and for those once rusty moderate voters. Especially now that Scott Morrison has finally given himself permission to live his truth and stop pretending to be anything but a soft-handed toff from the eastern suburbs.

Having resigned as party leader, the only silver lining Morrison can take away from this election defeat is the fact that he never has to dress up in those ugly Guernseys and pretend to enjoy this pagan game of working class rugby league.

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