Silver Price: Silver and farming likely to be least dangerous in next 2-3 years: Jim Rogers


“If you can find this former governor of the central bank of India, I think he’s in Chicago now, ask him to come back and save India, ask him to go to Washington and save America. He’s a smart guy, there’s not a lot of bureaucrats that are smart, that was a dit,” says
jim rogers
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Is silver the safe haven when it comes to commodities right now, crude of course, but is silver the bet when it comes to commodities and precious metals?
I don’t use the term vault every time I talk about investments, there is no vault, I assure you I’ve been doing it for a long time. I wish I could buy something safe. Silver is probably less dangerous than other things, gold is probably less dangerous, and I’m not buying then now because in a big crash everything falls apart, but I’ll probably buy more silver when it drops further. What is safe? I don’t know anything for sure, farming is probably less dangerous, money and farming are probably the least dangerous things in the next two or three years.

In your assessment what type of scenario is going to unfold, one is a stagflation scenario where prices stay high demand is interrupted and the second scenario is we are in a high inflationary scenario where demand stays higher and asset prices also remain higher?
Central banks are a problem they don’t know what they are doing so most of them are printing a lot of money Japan is already printing huge amounts of money so you are going to see central banks printing a lot more money and that’s why the inflation will get worse because they don’t know what they’re doing.

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I told you, India had one of the best central banks of the last 10 or 20 years, unfortunately it is gone now. I would like you to run the central bank in the United States, but most central bankers don’t know what they are doing, they are trying to save their jobs and they are printing a lot of money and that is why we have inflation.

What will be the implications of China’s slowdown, the fact that the Chinese are still struggling to open up their economy and it’s more like a yes, no, I don’t know sort of approach when it comes to Covid?
China is the second largest economy in the world, so of course if it slows down it will affect everyone, not just the people who deal with China, but also everyone else. So the implications are, and the Chinese are saying it’s because of the virus now and anyway, when you have big economies like China slowing down, it affects everyone. And you’re going to see everybody slow down in the next recession, it’s going to be a very serious time. Everyone should watch ET to be sure to survive. I just want to say if you can find this ex central bank governor of India I think he is in Chicago now ask him to come back and save India ask him to go to Washington and save America. He’s a smart guy, there aren’t many smart bureaucrats, he was one.

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