The silver lining – Only 4.1% of hospital patients: The Tribune India


Naina Mishra

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, January 10

Only 4.1% of patients currently infected with Covid-19 are hospitalized in Chandigarh, while the remaining 95.9% are in home isolation.

Of the city’s 3,253 active cases, 135 patients are hospitalized, while 3,072 are in home isolation and 46 are in Covid care centers.

Sufficient staff to cope with surges

Currently, our hospitalization rate is very low. We have enough manpower and infrastructure for the surge. Dharam Pal, UT advisor

This contrasts with the second deadly wave in which at least 15-20% of patients were hospitalized in the city at some point. The city first reported nearly 900 cases on May 10 (last year) when there were 8,653 active cases and 15% of them were hospitalized.

Confirming similar hospitalization trends, the Center wrote to EU states and territories on Monday that “5-10% of active Covid cases this time around have required hospitalization so far, but the situation is dynamic and can change quickly. Therefore, the need for hospitalization can also change quickly.

Of the 430 Covid oxygen beds in the city’s hospitals, 209 were occupied by Covid patients and nine other patients were on ventilated beds. However, it is worth mentioning that Chandigarh has not reported any deaths from Covid-19 since January 5, and only one patient succumbed to the disease last month.

UT advisor Dharam Pal said, “Right now our hospitalization rate is very low. We have enough manpower and infrastructure for the surge. However, my only concern is with the co-morbid and elderly population, who are at risk of developing serious illness from Covid. “

Meanwhile, in order to prepare for the worst, UT’s health department has asked private hospitals and private oxygen supply providers to keep information about bed occupancy, purchase and consumption of oxygen cylinders.

UT Health Secretary Yashpal Garg said: “The number of Covid patients is increasing to alarming speed and the situation is being watched closely. At present, there is no need to set the daily quota of oxygen cylinders for private hospitals in Chandigarh and regulate the refill charge by private refill vendors. However, it has been decided that private hospitals and private filling providers will keep details and produce them as needed. “

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