Today’s headlines: There may be a silver lining amid the surprising increase in Omicron cases in Ireland; one in five homeowners challenges Revenue


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380,000 challenge income on property values ​​from property tax

About one in five homeowners did not provide a new assessment.

There may be a silver lining amid the surprising increase in Omicron cases in Ireland

A slew of new studies have confirmed Omicron’s silver lining: Even though the number of cases is skyrocketing, the number of severe cases and hospitalizations has not increased.

The former RTÉ correspondent organized a climb up Ireland’s holiest mountain to benefit the Irish Motor Neurone Disease Association and Pieta House after being recently diagnosed with motor neuron disease.

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HSE orders 15 million antigen tests as demand now relentless

More than 400,000 antigen tests have been sent to Close Contacts and symptomatic under-40s in the past week alone, as retailers admit they have to work “exceptionally hard” to maintain inventory.

One in six healthcare workers could be absent next week due to Covid

The system will be called into question in the coming days, as the country approaches the peak of the current wave of Covid-19. But HSE chief executive Paul Reid said it would be “impossible” to erect a “steel ring” around hospitals.

Liter bottles of spirits cost just € 1, as duty-free discounts avoid new laws

A liter of vodka is available for just € 13 for travelers on planes and ferries, which represents a massive discount on supermarket prices after the introduction of minimum alcohol price laws.

He started his professional life as a telephone installer and now holds the most challenging job in public service. Kim Bielenberg on Finglas’ man’s journey to the top and the tensions behind the scenes as he leads the pandemic response.

Doubt over Maxwell’s trial as second juror admits abuse

The New York Times said it interviewed the juror, who requested anonymity and said he discussed the experience during deliberations and felt the revelation helped shape the jury’s discussions.

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